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Many women suffer from long term Pelvic Pain due to Endometriosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction or postural and lower back issues. Very often chronic pelvic pain can be completely resolved by a course of treatment that may include myofascial and trigger point release to abdominal and pelvic floor muscles followed by postural balancing and strengthening exercises.

1 in 3 women suffer from continence issues at some time in their lives. Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, lower back pain, neurological conditions and postural problems can result in Pelvic Floor Weakness. Women participating in high impact exercise such as running, HIIT training and Cross-Fit are also at risk of causing pelvic floor weakness. A supervised program of exercises under the guidance of specialist Physio Tracey can help resolve problems within weeks.

Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain can make this special time very difficult to manage. Often PSD and pelvic girdle pain can be quickly resolved in the hands of the right therapist. Tracey is able to address postural weakness, pelvic muscle dysfunction and where necessary provide appropriate supports or belts to sustain you through your pregnancy and delivery.

Post Natal Check-Up. Lets face it, Mum’s body has been through a lot and has to be able to cope with the demands of a new baby, possibly work and older children too! The New Mum MOT is a six week check up to help get pelvic floor and tummy muscles working properly so that Mum can get back in shape and return to full fitness.

Pilates for Pelvic Health. This 6 week course is appropriate for both men and women wanting to learn more about and improve pelvic floor function. The course includes education, exercise, discussion and lots of homework. The course can be booked at the Pilates Classes in Lincoln Page

Women’s Health Treatments may include:

  • Vaginal examination to assess pelvic floor function Core strengthening (1:1 or Pilates)
  • Soft tissue release
  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Bladder retraining
  • Pelvic floor retraining
  • Neuromuscular stimulation and biofeedback Prolapse treatment
  • Birthing strategies
  •  Biofeedback and Electrical Stimulation
  • Advice and reassurance

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“Through Pilates, Tracey has helped me to improve my strength and flexibility. She is an exceptional professional who takes time to understand my injury issues and provides me with the information to manage them effectively. Tracey has a great sense of humour which makes the class fly by and I couldn’t trust my body with anyone else!”

Mrs Thomas, Lincolnshire


“Tracey is very professional, expert and caring in all aspects of her work. She strikes the optimum balance between providing challenge, and being respectful and responsive to the individual nature of each client or student.”

Miss CS, Lincolnshire


“Imagine that you are standing in a sports shop and you are looking at all of the beautiful colours of running shorts and leggings. Then think about the feeling of knowing that you are not able to buy anything other than the black ones , because they are the ones that can hide those embarrassing moments that happen when you are out running and you have the audacity to try and run a little bit faster than a snail or have to run uphill or on some uneven ground…!

Everywhere you look there are adverts for products that will hide the problem but won’t really solve it. Luckily I was attending a group Pilates session with Tracey and happened to notice that she had a 6 week pelvic health course running straight after my normal session. With a bit of trepidation, I booked on, wondering what on earth I was letting myself in for….. I needn’t have worried, this went well beyond the “squeeze and hold” technique that we are all told about, which is great when you struggle to squeeze in the right place and the hold phase is a bit short and very temporary! I learnt a bit of extra biology that I didn’t know before and this really helped. The exercises were surprisingly varied but incredibly beneficial, and in just 6 weeks, my pelvic floor felt stronger than it had in years. Most importantly, I had the tools and the knowledge to carry on well beyond the course, and I continue to practice every day … Now if you will excuse me I have some pink patterned running leggings to buy…”

A Happy Runner