Reformer Classes

The Reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. It has a bed-like frame with a flat carriage attached by a series of springs and pulleys. The springs provide differing levels of resistance to increase the intensity of an exercise or to support the position and aid correct execution of the movement.

Reformer training brings a range of benefits, including improvements in muscle strength, flexibility and posture. At an introductory level the exercises are performed slowly with precision and control, many whilst lying down on the carriage. This reduces impact and prevents excessive force moving through vulnerable knee and hip joints.

More experienced participants may progress to standing work or even cardiovascular training using the tramp or springboard as part of an athletic conditioning programme.

The basic Pilates principles of precision, control, breathing and focus are still applied to all of the movements but the repertoire of exercises available are limited only by your instructors creativity. Group Reformer classes are small in size and your specialist instructor will guide you through every part of the class from how to get onto the Reformer to how to alter the springs and even work with your feet in the straps.

Exercising on the Reformer adds a new level of intensity to Matwork exercises that will help lengthen, define and reshape your muscles, you can expect to see improvements in body shape, tone and strength.

Beginners Reformer

Suitable for all levels of fitness, the pace is slow and focuses on establishing correct technique, safe use of the equipment, setting of the springs and pulleys and developing a repertoire of basic exercises.

Intermediate Reformer

To participate at Intermediate level you will need to have completed a number of beginners sessions and be able to use the Reformer safely and with confidence. The pace is quicker and will include more complex exercises demanding balance, co- ordination and strength.

Reformer Class Timetable:


10am – Beginners
11.00 – Intermediate
18.30 – Intermediate


11.30 – Beginners


11.00 Intermediate
18.30 – Beginners
19.30 – Intermediate


12.30 – Intermediate
18.30 – Intermediate
19.30 – Beginners


12.00 – Intermediate
13.00 – Men’s


10.00 – Beginners
11.00 – Intermediate

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“I have known Tracey for over 10 years both as a Personal Trainer and latterly through her excellent Pilates sessions. When she moved to set up her own business I had no hesitation in following her, it is her deep knowledge of both Pilates and the human body which helps all her clients keep moving further and faster.”

Mr SN, Lincolnshire


“As a Level 3 Personal Trainer myself, I can honestly say that Tracey is the best Pilates instructor around and we are lucky to have her! Not only is she witty but highly trained with a keen eye for observation and correction of exercise.

A stickler for sound technique and quality of movement where effective muscular innervation ensures one works at a level appropriate for their needs – without compensatory movements to cheat!”

GC, Lincolnshire