Hypopressive Training

Most training techniques are Hyperpressive or high pressure in nature, meaning that they create an increase in pressure in the abdomen and pelvis. Increases in intra- abdominal pressure and over-recruitment of voluntary muscles can prevent the deep core muscles from working correctly and direct increased pressure to weaker areas such as the pelvic floor.

Traditional abdominal or core training that creates excessive pressure can cause pelvic floor weakness and prolapse, hernias or lumbar disc herniation. Hypopressive training reduces internal pressure, enabling the core muscles to become more reactive and maintain a higher resting tone. You can expect to see improvements in pelvic floor weakness, prolapse and hernias and increased abdominal tone.

The Hypopressive breathing technique has its foundation in the Yoga manoeuvre Uddiyana Bhanda, which has great benefits in enhancing mood, well-being and energy. The held breath or Apnoea may not be suitable for everybody but the breathing practice, improved thoracic mobility and creation of a Low Pressure focus will enable similar improvements. Each 30 minute class will guide you through a thoracic breathing warm-up, a flow of movements designed to create a tall, open posture, active core muscles and increased pelvic floor tone.

This class is great for you if you are preparing for pregnancy, post natal, suffering from pelvic floor weakness or would just like to improve your core strength and silhouette.


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“Over the years I’ve abused my body unmercifully with 2 serious spinal injuries, a broken and dislocated shoulder and numerous injuries to my hips and knees, yet now I have good posture and regained full movement in all my joints. Not bad for someone in their 80s.

But… All of this is all down to Tracey’s hard work; I have regularly attended her Pilates classes for the last 12 + years and hope to continue for many more.”

Michael, Lincolnshire


“Tracey is real motivator and an expert in her field. She has really helped to identify specific areas that I needed to work on and tone. The programmes are tailored to meet your individual requirements, but amended depending on

your ability on the day. I’ve always enjoyed my sessions with Tracey, they are challenging but always good fun and I leave feeling so much better than when I arrived!”

Mrs KR, Welton